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Metro Sales Solutions is proud to partner with BS Cable Company, integrating their top-tier products into our New Jersey network integration services. As technology experts in New Jersey, we recognize the importance of BS Cable Company's contributions to network hardware and network performance. Together, we offer connectivity solutions that set the standard for excellence in the industry.


About BS Cable Company

B.S. Cable Company, Inc. has been the premier manufacturer and provider of high-quality and reliable cable assemblies since 1984. We create customized solutions for all types of cabling tasks and can help meet any job’s needs, specifications, and requirements. We are a Corning Gold House that holds both WBE and Veteran-owned small business status.


About Metro Sales Solutions

At Metro Sales Solutions, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive network integration services throughout New Jersey. Our commitment to technological innovation drives us to develop and implement cutting-edge solutions for our clients, ensuring they stay ahead in the fast-paced world of technology.

Metro Sales Solutions serves as a trusted manufacturer's representative, connecting businesses with top-tier manufacturers like BS Cable Company to deliver the best network hardware and solutions.

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BS Cable Company Benefits

Choosing BS Cable Company comes with a range of benefits to businesses seeking top-tier network cabling solutions:

  • High-Quality Products: BS Cable Company is renowned for its high-quality and reliable cable assemblies. Their commitment to excellence ensures seamless connectivity and optimal network performance.

  • Customization Expertise: Their ability to create customized solutions for diverse cabling tasks sets them apart. BS Cable Company can tailor products to meet specific project requirements.

  • Diverse Status: As a Women's Business Enterprise and a Veteran-owned small business, BS Cable Company embodies diversity and excellence in its industry contributions.


Industry Focus

BS Cable Company's expertise in network cabling, structured cabling systems, and cable management extends to various industries where reliable network infrastructure is paramount. Some of the sectors they cater to include:

  • Data Centers: BS Cable Company's cable management solutions are vital for maintaining efficient and organized data center environments.

  • Telecommunications: In the telecommunications industry, their cabling solutions are instrumental in ensuring seamless connectivity.

  • Healthcare: The healthcare sector relies on robust network cabling, and BS Cable Company delivers the quality needed to support critical operations.

  • Education: Educational institutions benefit from BS Cable Company's reliable network cabling for classrooms, campuses, and research facilities.

Industry Recognition

With over 35 years of experience, BS Cable Company has developed a proven track record of delivering exceptional cable assemblies and reliable connectivity solutions. Their dedication to providing outstanding products and services has earned them recognition in the industry for their expertise and commitment to excellence. As a trusted partner for businesses across various sectors, BS Cable Company is known for its reliability, professionalism, and ability to consistently exceed customer expectations.

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