Key Personnel

A greatest depth of backgrounds and experience.

Metro Sales Solutions understands the value of diversity and its workforce reflects the greatest depth of backgrounds and experience. The team at Metro Sales Solutions is indicative of this stance, which combines significant experience in sales, planning, and technology with in-depth knowledge of user issues enabling us to be among the most innovative manufacturer representative companies in the Northeast. 

Brian O’Gallagher

Outside Sales

Brian is President and co-founder of the company. Brian has a BS in Business Administration from Iona College. He has been a manufacturer's represe [...]

John Burgoyne

Outside Sales

John is CEO and co-founder of the company. John graduated from Christian Brothers Academy in 1982. He went on to college at Lehigh University and gr [...]

John Gully

Outside Sales

John holds a Bachelor of Business Administration, Management Information Systems (MIS) as well as an Associate Degree in Electrical Engineering. He is [...]

Charles Valente

Outside Sales

Charlie holds a Bachelor of Science from Montclair State University where he graduated in 1988. He has been in electrical/data comm. sales since 1988 [...]

Al Bruno

Inside Sales

Al graduated Seton Hall University 1989. He has over 23 years of industry experience and started with the company in March of 2000. Al manages inside [...]

Chris Geiger

Outside Sales

Chris graduated with a B.A. from East Stroudsburg University of Pensylvania in 2000. He has 17 years of sales experience in data/comm. He has [...]

Gabe DiMarino

Outside Sales

Gabe holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics from Penn State University, where he graduated in 2004 Gabe has been in data communications sales since [...]

Eric McDonald

Outside Sales

Eric has over 20 years experience in the telecommunications industry, working as a network engineer and cable plant designer the vast majority of that [...]

Colin O’Gallagher

Outside Sales

Colin has over 18 years of experience in the Telecommunications Infrastructure industry having spent the vast majority of that time as a consultant an [...]

Steve Carroll

Inside Sales

Steve graduate with a BA in Design and Planning from The State University of New York at Buffalo and went on to get his Masters of Urban Planning at H [...]

Jennie Bruno

Administrative Assistant

Jennie is our Administrative Assistant to the sales team and acts as the liaison between the factories, sales personnel, and our partners. Jennie has [...]

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Metro Sales Solutions has worked with companies in nearly every area of technology, data and telecommunications.